The Most Common Metals Used in Designer Jewellery

Jewelry is made using various types of metals which vary greatly in appearance, pricing, durability and several other attributes. Even though there are about eighty six identified metals, only some are commonly used in making jewelry. The most popular and common kinds of metals which are being used in jewelry are silver, gold & platinum. Other types of metals which are in use are stainless steel and titanium. Let us review below the most common forms of metals used in jewelry making.


Silver is a famous metal for making jewelry, however it is soft when compared to titanium, platinum and gold and do not have the hardness of various other metals. Silver to be used for making jewelry is utilized as a type of Sterling Silver which is enduring and durable, as hence is a metal which is popularly used for making rings, body jewelry, belt buckles, cuff links, bracelets, necklaces and so on. German and Vermeil silver are some other alloys of silver which are being used for making jewelry. Pure silver would tarnish rapidly and hence it needs a great deal of maintenance. However silver is more popular when compared to platinum or gold due to its abundance and easy accessibility, easy to make jewelry and has less cost.


Higher carat of gold jewelry is suited in almost all forms of applications since it holds its appearance and sparkle with moderately less maintenance. Pure forms of gold are 24K gold. The proportionate quantity of pure gold to various other forms of metals creates the last metal. Gold jewelry is comprised of gold and various other metals, for example, copper, silver, zinc and nickel. The metal utilized in the alloy decides the shade of gold. Gold jewellery is generally easier for the jewelers to make.


Platinum is high durability and is highly resistant to tarnishing which is the reason it is utilized for making wedding and engagement rings. Platinum is white in colour and like gold to appear white in colour, it does not need rhodium plating. Platinum is more costlier when compared to gold and other types of metals. The cost of platinum is twice as that of the price of gold. To improve its attributes and sturdiness, platinum is being alloyed with cobalt and copper alongside platinum group of metals, for example, iridium, rhodium and palladium to be converted into jewelry.

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