Summer Jewellery Trends


The correct amount of jewellery could be transformative and is a critical last detail to any type of outfit, having the ability to elevate even the simple outfits to easy luxury. Read on for the latest summer jewellery trends in the year 2017.


At times an event requires a major and strong jeweled necklace statement, yet this summer is more about exquisite neck piece. Avoid the use of neck jewellery which is chunky in the burning summer heat. A more and dainty fragile neck piece is perfect since it could be worn from the workplace to the dancefloor. Opt for fragile pearl multi-layer pieces or strings when you go for a summer wedding this year. Pearls could never be out of style and have dependably been the most steadily loved embellishment on weddings for all the correct reasons.

Big Earrings

A good earrings pair would never leave style. You could wear a diamonds earrings pair and spruce up an outfit in a split second – making your look straight away to glam from that of glab. This summer attempt and create an impression with your ear earrings. Use additionally long types or huge hoops and make your ears to have an attractive appeal.

Arm Cuffs

The choice with regard to arm cuffs ought to be similarly intense to adjust your look overall. They ought to be similarly sparkly, however to some degree lighter with regard to the design so as to keep away from a melodramatic look.

Multiple Rings

The hottest look with regard to rings this summer is multiple rings. With such a variety of styles out there right now, there is no reason for having those boring hands. Seek for some varieties of sterling silver as they will not affect your finances, however will not also turn your fingers to be green.


Amongst the jewellers in G.K, SKM Rajsons Jewellers is a leading name and displays some of the best summer jewellery trends.

The Most Common Metals Used in Designer Jewellery

Jewelry is made using various types of metals which vary greatly in appearance, pricing, durability and several other attributes. Even though there are about eighty six identified metals, only some are commonly used in making jewelry. The most popular and common kinds of metals which are being used in jewelry are silver, gold & platinum. Other types of metals which are in use are stainless steel and titanium. Let us review below the most common forms of metals used in jewelry making.


Silver is a famous metal for making jewelry, however it is soft when compared to titanium, platinum and gold and do not have the hardness of various other metals. Silver to be used for making jewelry is utilized as a type of Sterling Silver which is enduring and durable, as hence is a metal which is popularly used for making rings, body jewelry, belt buckles, cuff links, bracelets, necklaces and so on. German and Vermeil silver are some other alloys of silver which are being used for making jewelry. Pure silver would tarnish rapidly and hence it needs a great deal of maintenance. However silver is more popular when compared to platinum or gold due to its abundance and easy accessibility, easy to make jewelry and has less cost.


Higher carat of gold jewelry is suited in almost all forms of applications since it holds its appearance and sparkle with moderately less maintenance. Pure forms of gold are 24K gold. The proportionate quantity of pure gold to various other forms of metals creates the last metal. Gold jewelry is comprised of gold and various other metals, for example, copper, silver, zinc and nickel. The metal utilized in the alloy decides the shade of gold. Gold jewellery is generally easier for the jewelers to make.


Platinum is high durability and is highly resistant to tarnishing which is the reason it is utilized for making wedding and engagement rings. Platinum is white in colour and like gold to appear white in colour, it does not need rhodium plating. Platinum is more costlier when compared to gold and other types of metals. The cost of platinum is twice as that of the price of gold. To improve its attributes and sturdiness, platinum is being alloyed with cobalt and copper alongside platinum group of metals, for example, iridium, rhodium and palladium to be converted into jewelry.

SKM Rajsons Jewelers is one of the leading Jewellers in South Delhi where you can explore elegant and exquisite, traditional and contemporary gold and diamond jewellery crafted with creativity, impeccable style, exclusivity, precision and perfection.


Life’s milestones are not supposed to be counted; they are supposed to be celebrated. While it is true that each day should be celebrated, there are certain junctures of life which call for special revelry and what better way to do so than by gifting someone jewellery. Whether it is a marriage on the cards, an anniversary celebration, a meandering party plan or a promotion,SKM Rajsons Jewellers, the best jewellers in South Delhi have an array of options for every occasion.

  • Romantic alliance– Jewellery is nearly synonymous with the word marriage. An epitome of grandeur, love and commitment, diamonds are the best way to make your loved one feel special. An engagement proposal, wedding or anniversary, all become doubly joyous when it involves exchange of gold or Diamond jewellery. The exquisite jewellery designs and patterns of SKM Rajsons Jewellers are breathtakingly beautiful and striking.
  • Birthdays –A birthday is a day when you don’t just get older but you increase in value. So be it your mother, daughter or your wife, let them know they are cherished and loved by gifting them sparkling jewels on their birthday .A pair of graceful diamond earrings or a gold pendant set from the best jewellers in South Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers will make them feel nothing less than princesses.
  • Milestone Accomplishments – Life comes in various slices and each slice is meant to be savoured and cherished. A college degree, a new job, promotion or sailing off to a new venture, there are multiple occasions which are magical and dream like. So seize the common occasions and make them more special with diamond jewellery from SKM Rajsons Jewellers .
  • Gifting holidays or festivals– There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. So make your Diwali, Christmas or Valentine’s day more memorable by giving them the timeless gift of love and of course gold and diamond jewellery .



Gold Jewellery in South Delhi

There is something very ethereal about a bride adorning the shimmery and shining Gold Jewellery. Bridal Jewellery has a very strong emotional as well as a cultural connect with us and no Indian wedding seems complete without gold jewellery.An integral part of many occasions such as marriages, birthdays, anniversaries etc.,Gold jewellery remains one of the most significant and popular investment. Indians love Gold, however there are some important factors you should consider before buying gold Jewellery in Delhi:

  • Not a source of current income– While it is true that Gold is a financial investment, do not live in the misconception that it can be source of current income. You must not expect an immediate income from gold jewellerylike in the case of real estate or shares.
  • Purity vs. Impurity– The purity of gold is denoted in karats, with 24 karat gold being 99.9% pure and 22 karat gold being 92% pure. You must refrain from buying gold jewellery gold jewellery without checking the purity.Hallmark is the indication of purity so make sure you indulge in buying only those pieces which have been hallmarked.
  • Checking the weight– One important thing to remember is that most gold jewellery in India is sold by weight. At times jewellers also add precious stones such as diamond and emerald to gold jewellery. Jewellers weigh a piece in its entirety; therefore before you part with your hard money it is imperative to know the exact weight of the gold in the studded jewellery.
  • Sales– The sale and prices of gold jewellery witness a massive hike around the festival time as well as the wedding seasons. Ideally the smart buyers keep a close watch at the markets and purchase gold jewellery when the prices are low and the discounts are galore!
  • Trusted and Reliable stores– There area jewellery stores at almost every nook and corner of Delhi. However you don’t need to be genius to know that you should only purchase gold jewellery from a reliable and renowned jeweller. When you walk through the doors of one of the most trusted jewellers in Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers, you can be assured of quality, exquisite designs, authenticity and purity of gold.






When it comes to something as special as a wedding day, everything needs immaculate planning and organised. One of focal points of Indian weddings, jewellery, is more than just an accessory. It is a valuable asset which you purchase for a lifetime. Bridal jewellery adds a perfect dash of shine and effervescence to the look of the bride.

Though there is no fixed time as to when you should start planning for the bridal jewellery, but it is advised to start as soon as the wedding date is fixed.The classic designs of Diamond jewellery for the bride can at times take up to a month or two to make so it is best to plan well in advance. Since Indian weddings have an array of different functions, it is feasible to buy your jewellery in accordance with the ceremonies. Remember to invest in pieces which can be worn later also.  For mehendi an ethnic styled pendant set looks appropriate and apt. While wedding calls for heavy traditional pieces, diamond jewellery is suitable for receptions and cocktails.

Always buy your jewellery and then match it with the clothes. In order to accumulate elegant and magnificent bridal jewellerypieces,you must also set aside a budget.

If you are looking to pick up some stunning diamond jewellery, head straight to the best jewellers in South Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers. Be allured by a wide plethora of versatile and exquisite bridal jewellery pieces at the most trusted and renowned jewellers, SKM Rajsons Jewellers. Whether you choose the time less classics or the quintessentially glamorous wedding accessories, make sure they bring out your flare and make you sparkle on your big day!






Choker Diamond Necklace


Women are born with the inherent instinct of adorning jewellery and the latent desire of looking beautiful. Of the very many styles and choices of jewellery that women are blessed with, the alluring choker necklace or a close fitting necklace has a long and storied history. It can be traced back to centuries old cultures of China, Native America Egypt and even India.

Walk into the showroom of the best jewellers in South Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers and be mesmerized by a huge collection of Choker necklaces in different colours, patterns, designs and price ranges. The trend of wearing a Choker Necklace has now transformed in a full blown style movement.  Since they are everywhere, on the necks of the celebrities at music festivals or red carpets, we think it is time that you should finally embrace it too.

·       Simple yet versatile- A well fitted necklace or a choker as we call it, is a highly versatile and adaptable piece of jewellery. The gold or Polki choker sets at SKM Rajsons Jewellers can be teamed up with Indian as well as fusion wear.

·       Elegance personified- A choker necklace adorned with Kundans, Polkis or emeralds looks extremely graceful and regal. It can enhance the beauty of the outfit and look like an elegant statement piece.

·       Multilayer Chokers look good on all- The highlight of adorning a multi- layer choker is that it looks good on all .Since layering is a trend which seems to be in no mood to fade, one must have at least one such design in their collection.

·       Traditional Element- If one needs to add a dash of tradition or folklore to their countenance, then a Rajasthani Jadau Choker is the way to go.

·       Modern and fashionable – For the modern and chic women, who love to experiment with their looks, a white pearly choker set is the ultimate buy. It looks divine and attractive and goes well with formal as well as casual attire.

·       Adds Sparkle – Unleash the hidden diva in you by throwing on choker made from intricate semi- precious stones such as Rhinestone choker. It adds a streak of shimmer and shine and give you a glam doll look.      

·       Uplifts the face and highlights the neck bone – A delicate pendant choker hanging from the neck is a wonderful way to uplift the face and neck and highlight the neck bones.

·       A choker is no longer a fancy accessory- The great thing about the new age chokers is they can transform your look into anything you wish. Thy come in many different types such as Gothic, Victorian, open collar, gemstone etc. So you can be cool one day, and glamorous the other.

A Choker necklace is more about personal expression. Longer versions or short dainty ones – choose your own distinctive style and slay the choker necklace trend this season.









Love, respect and commitment, a mangalsutra for Indian women is an epitome of all these emotions and much more. A mangalsutra has been a part of India’s ancient religious values and till date it has no replacement, especially for the Hindu brides.

The modern and chic women of today do find it hard to find a mangalsutra which is modern yet traditional, funky yet practical. One of the most trusted and popular diamond jewellers in south Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers are here to help the women learn about the variety of options available and choose the ones which is best for them.diamond_mangalsutra

  • Fancy pendant set– At SKM Rajsons Jewellers, you are sure to find a pendant design mangalsutra which is not only unique but also matches your aesthetic sense and looks.
  • Different Metal Look– This ear demands you to forgo the traditional and experiment with the new. So why not go for a mangalsutra which is a combination of many different metals such as gold and silver. It gives it a fresh and renewed look, while keeping the element of tradition intact.
  • Shimmer and ShineDiamond jewelleryis forever on top of every woman’s wish list. So why not opt for a diamond beaded mangalsutra for that everlasting regal and magnificent look.
  • Long and Heavy pendantGold jewellery is for the ones who are deep rooted in culture or have a lifestyle which is traditional and rich. Such women prefer to adorn a heavy and long style pendant. This style is multi -faceted as it goes well on functions and weddings too.
  • Matching earrings– When you buy a mangalsutra with matching earrings it works as a two way street. The matching earrings with pendant make it a complete set and can be worn occasionally for gatherings and functions. With various types of shapes and floral styles available, this is an ideal choice for women who want to spruce up their daily looks.
  • Hanging pendant– With a few chic celebrities like Shilpa Shetty sporting this style, a hanging pendant is here to stay. An intricately carved and designed pendant hangs loose from the thread of the mangalstura, giving it a rather unique and twisted look.

So time to be confused about which style to choose and adorn is over. This wedding season head straight to SKM Rajsons Jewellers for the most magnificent and exquisite designs in mangalsturas.







While there are very few women who can resist the sparkle and shine of fine jewellery, at some point, we all feel the need to perk up our wardrobes with funky and stylish costume jewellery as well. While women are known to be adorning fine jewellery pieces made of metals such as gold, platinum or gemstones since the 19th century, Costume jewellery is more synonymous with the term fashion jewellery these days. Costume jewellery made its way in the fashion scene around 1930s and at that time it was seen as a way to embellish a costume or an outfit.

Diamond Jewellery

Being one of the best diamond jewellers in South Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers have years of experience and expertise of selling high quality exquisite fine jewellery. While we can debate endlessly on the topic of which is better, to invest in costume jewellery or real jewellery, we wish to only enlighten you a bit about the pros and cons related to both.

Let us just say that the benefits of buying real jewellery far outweigh the ones of buying costume jewellery. The quality of metals and the authenticity of stones are the basic two basic aspects of the costume jewellery vs fine jewellery debate. Gold, sterling silver or platinum are all considered as fine jewellery. However both yellow and white jewellery must be over 10 karats to be considered in this category.   Fine jewellery includes Investment pieces such as Diamond jewellery or gold jewellery and they add a lot of value to your wardrobe. Fine jewellery lasts you for generations and is considered important investment, especially in the Indian context. All natural diamonds and pearls are categorized under fine jewellery.

Costume jewellery is a term which is interchangeable with fashion jewellery these days. Most of these pieces have no precious metals, natural gemstones, natural diamonds or pearls. Costume jewellery is constructed with plated metal and brass is a base metal often used for this purpose.  Many of the designers today design elaborate and jazzy designs of costume jewellery, which is lapped up by experimental and chic women. Since most of these pieces are trend setting and sought after, women don’t hesitate to shell out huge chunks of money for them.

So while there is nothing wrong in occasionally opting for some new and trendy styles of costume jewellery, if you wish to indulge in some flawless and marvellous fine jewellery, then do not forget to stop by at the best diamond jewellers in South Delhi, SKM Rajsons Jewellers.