About Us

Sudesh Kumar M.Rajsons Jewelers is one of the most trusted and popular destinations when it comes to buying quality jewelry that are exclusive in make and exquisitely designed. With a heritage spanning over six eventful decades, Sudesh Kumar M.Rajsons Jewelers Jewelry is a name that evokes tremendous respect and awe. The business has been passed down over three generations and has gone from strength to strength over this period.

The enterprise was founded by the spirited and indomitable Sri Mulkh Raj Malhotra, an entrepreneur par excellence known for honesty, transparency and sincerity. The same high moral values have been carried forward by his son Sudesh Kumar Malhotra and grandsons Sandeep and Sachin.

Sudesh Kumar M.Rajsons Jewelers which expands to Sudesh Kumar’s M. Rajsons today is amongst the most reputed house of quality jewelry in the country. It is a name synonymous with world class craftsmanship, spotless design and quality and spellbinding designs.

Woman is God’s most beautiful creation. Adorning a woman is a matter of great inspiration to those associated with creation of beautiful, classic and elegant jewelry. The inspiration comes from the passion to portray woman in her perfect form.

Sudesh Kumar M.Rajsons Jewelers is dedicated to celebrate and honor the modern woman who is elegant, graceful, and feminine but is strong and determined as well as every man would like her to be.

Sudesh Kumar M.Rajsons Jewelers has a broad range of exquisite collection of fine jewelry, made by the best craftsmen using the purest materials and innovative ideas to enhance the grace and sensuality of women by several notches. We love to create jewelry which makes women look stunning, feminine and confident.

We offer an enticing jewelry collection of jewelry which brings out the beautiful side of woman.